Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 : Using Once A Week Deodorant

I know of someone who actually likes to wear the same clothes twice without washing, now this is a different person from the one that hates bathing. This girl's idea of doing so is to help the environment. I don't understand how she could help the environment when her clothes are toxic. She claims, that if she wears the same clothes either twice or thrice as long as they don't smell, she could actually save water, detergent and money. Basically, she's being selfish and not helping to the environment.

She thinks she smells good but little did she know, I could smell the stale stench on her clothes from afar. What was she thinking, her silly actions could cause her to have skin disease. Just for the record, these creatures aren't my friends they are just people I know.

Anyways, the reason for the story above is not to gross out the rest who is reading this blog but to announce the good news to this girl if she is reading that Once A Week Deodorant doesn't leave any smell on the clothes you wear. That means this girl that I know could re-use her clothes for a week without washing!

I did do an experiment today, for the sake of science I only took my bath only once just to check if the deodorant stays odourless throughout the day. Actually, it didn't but the smelly smell isn't that strong unless someone tries to smell your armpits really close, I mean really really close. I bathed right after finalizing my experiment and now it's odourless.

This concludes that the bio-chemical used in the wipes reacts to clean water and maybe soap. Perhaps, bathing activates the chemical to work to kill the bacteria that creates the smelly smell. Oh, if you don't understand what I'm talking about read this article I wrote. You'd briefly understand why some male or female has bad body odour.

So, ladies who hates bathing! Bad news, you can't go without bathing for a week. Bathing is a must not just for the deodorant to work but for the good of mankind!! Please bathe!!

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