Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3 : Using Once A Week Deodorant

I know of someone who has bad body odour in her defense she says it's her biological weapon. True enough, it could kill anything and anyone a mile away. Good news for her, Once A Week deodorant can help with her problem.

Today is Day 3 and so far so good. No smell. Like experimented yesterday, the deodorant keeps your underarms odourless with the help of frequent bathing. Which is good, so those who plans to skip bathing can think again.

This automatically gets everyone to adhere the importance of hygiene and cleanliness. Though now I'm getting used to the fact that I don't need to use deodorant frequently, I just hope I don't forget to applied it at the end of the week. I doubt I might coz I'm updating about it regularly.

Tomorrow would be Day 4 and I'll keep you guys posted on it.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 2 : Using Once A Week Deodorant

I know of someone who actually likes to wear the same clothes twice without washing, now this is a different person from the one that hates bathing. This girl's idea of doing so is to help the environment. I don't understand how she could help the environment when her clothes are toxic. She claims, that if she wears the same clothes either twice or thrice as long as they don't smell, she could actually save water, detergent and money. Basically, she's being selfish and not helping to the environment.

She thinks she smells good but little did she know, I could smell the stale stench on her clothes from afar. What was she thinking, her silly actions could cause her to have skin disease. Just for the record, these creatures aren't my friends they are just people I know.

Anyways, the reason for the story above is not to gross out the rest who is reading this blog but to announce the good news to this girl if she is reading that Once A Week Deodorant doesn't leave any smell on the clothes you wear. That means this girl that I know could re-use her clothes for a week without washing!

I did do an experiment today, for the sake of science I only took my bath only once just to check if the deodorant stays odourless throughout the day. Actually, it didn't but the smelly smell isn't that strong unless someone tries to smell your armpits really close, I mean really really close. I bathed right after finalizing my experiment and now it's odourless.

This concludes that the bio-chemical used in the wipes reacts to clean water and maybe soap. Perhaps, bathing activates the chemical to work to kill the bacteria that creates the smelly smell. Oh, if you don't understand what I'm talking about read this article I wrote. You'd briefly understand why some male or female has bad body odour.

So, ladies who hates bathing! Bad news, you can't go without bathing for a week. Bathing is a must not just for the deodorant to work but for the good of mankind!! Please bathe!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Once A Week Deodorant

Long time ago, back home in Penang I know someone who hates taking bath. She has excuses for everything. She can’t take bath in the morning coz the water is too cold that she might catch a cold. Therefore, she comes to school without bathing. Then, there was this invention called water heater and yet she had some excuses for not bathing. She bathes’ once a day and she has to take her bath before 6pm otherwise I don’t know she might turn into gremlin perhaps?!

So, anyways this should be good news for her where ever she is. Now, she can sweat all she wants and never will stink, well at least for a week. 

Last Friday I wrote an article for on Once A Week Deodorant. Finally, I laid my hands on it. It only costs RM8.90, very reasonably priced. I tried it on Saturday night and will be blogging the progress report daily.

The packaging comes with strict instructions on how to use the wipes and it is important the users read it very carefully before applying the wipes. It strongly suggests that the wipes should only be used after sundown and not on direct sunlight. This is because the ingredients used are light sensitive. The chemicals used aren’t really hazardous, coz I recognize one of it as being a primary compound in my hygiene wash.

I just couldn't find a better place to take the photos but here you have it the opening ceremony of the product. I had to wait till sundown to open my Once A Week Deodorant.

The instructions was precise, that the application should only take place after sundown and not to expose the wipes under sunlight. Apparently, high possibility of your hands and armpit area turning orange or black. 

The instructions also said that the armpit should be clean and DRY before application. So, I made sure of it. The wipes don't really have smell. It's was simply odourless.

I was pretty thorough with my application, the packaging even comes with diagram on how thorough one should be. The instructions stated that if you are not thorough with your application, the wipes won't work as it should be. I spent 5 minutes applying on each armpits, the longest I have ever spent applying deodorant.

My armpits remained wet for at least 5 minutes, you are not supposed to dress until after it completely dries off. I guess this is because if the chemical gets to your clothes it might stain it. This is just my assumption though.

I have gone without deodorant for a day and so far no smell. I felt it was rather weird this morning normally I'd apply my deodorant right after shower and today I left the house without any. I carried my usual deodorant in my handbag just incase if the wipes don't work as it should.

I behaved rather weirdly too, I kept sniffing my armpits whenever I get the chance just to be sure I don't stink. After more than 8 hours being out today. Towards, the end of the day I noticed there is smell but not as strong as it would have been. 

I am inclined to do my research on this product, there must something that's making it work. Perhaps frequent bathing will actually help the chemical compound in the wipes to work it's magic. An ordinary person would bath twice or thrice a day. Thus, you stay fresh and stink-free but what if a person doesn't bathe at all? Will the deodorant last for a week like it's advertised? Hmm...I can't go without bathing for a week though.