Friday, February 13, 2009

Ultra Rich Body Cream

Having to spend more than 8 hours a day in air-conditioned office environment really makes your skin dehydrated. I have serious case of skin dehydration which creates white patches all over my legs and arms.

Well, it isn't so obvious on the arms though but very obvious on the legs. I have used many different types of body lotions and body butter but none worked. Hmm...not that they didn't work, it's just that I have to continuously reapply to make it work.

At work, you can't be lifting your leg up on the table or chair just to lotion it, can you?? Obviously, you can't. Not only that is unprofessional, it is also very awkward. You can lotion your arm as and when you want, nobody cares but not leg...ah-ha never the legs...not in the office.

There is a solution to that though, recently I got my L'occitane member card. It so happened the day I went to collect it, L'occitane was celebrating their Shea Butter Anniversary or some sort. They were having promotions for the Ultra Rich Body Cream.

This Ultra Rich Body cream is proven to hydrate the skin for 24 hours. Now, who would believe that especially when I have used many different types of lotions and creams. I had to give the sales girl some chance to explain to me why should I buy their best seller...hehe...well apparently the shea butter content in this cream is concentrated enough that it protects and helps the skin to restore it's hydrolipidic film.

In layman terms it's a fantastic cream just buy it damn it!! :P If it was anywhere else I would have hesitated and I mean I'm not an impulse buyer and I don't just buy it on the first visit to the store, it'll take me months or even years or even until it is discontinued I still won't buy it. My friends would know that.

This time I didn't hesitate coz I have tried L'occitane's other lotions and it is exactly what they claim it to be and that's good. Not everywhere you get what you see or hear.

It cost me RM98 with 5% discount with my card and I even bought their purchase with purchase for some reason I don't know why.

I've been using it for almost 2 weeks now and not once I spotted any white patches on my legs. I don't have to reapply it during the day at all. It is what they say 24 hours protection and it's true. The cream is so concentrated that you only need a thin layer of application and it protects your skins for the whole day.

L'occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream - a good must buy item. Pamper yourselves with good products that actually last longer than you think. In the long run they actually seem a lot cheaper than those cheaper products you think that works the same, actually they don't.

I guess I confused you with that paragraph up there...hehehe...anyways, the Ultra Rich Body Cream comes with 5 different scents. They have Vanilla, Acacia, Rose Bud, Frangipani and Ylang Ylang. I tried all 5 of them and I personally like their Ylang Ylang Flower.

According to some article I found on the internet, In Madagascar, the ylang-ylang is called the 'flower of love' and has been used for centuries in beauty ointments to soothe tension and captivate men with its powdery and sensual fragrance.

Until, today my husband never realized I have extra scent on my body, maybe Ylang Ylang may have captivated the men of Madagascar but it failed to captivate my man. Yet it still captivated me though!!